Dark Outdoors

Dark Outdoors seeks to raise awareness to the growing dangers in the wilds of North America. From increasing criminal elements in our national forests to serial killers, human-animal conflict and strange weather patterns, Dark Outdoors digs deep to bring you in-depth coverage. Hosted by award-winning wildlife journalist Chester Moores , Dark Outdoors covers what the mainstream media ignores with interviews with survivors, experts and investigators.

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Thursday Apr 18, 2024

In this special investigative episode Chester Moore talks about his nine-year look into what he has dubbed the teen poaching crisis.
Hear about teens that shot dolphins, kidnapped Key deer and slaughtered eagles. What is going on? What's the cause? And more importantly, what's the solution?
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Thursday Mar 21, 2024

Welcome to Dark Outdoors, where we shine a light on the often ignored perils in the great outdoors. In this episode, we navigate through increasing encounters with criminal activities, unstable wildlife, and unexpected weather in the wonderful outdoors.
This episode dives into a sobering, first-hand account by a father and son duo, who during a deer hunt, encounter what seems to be an organized crime unit in South Texas brush country. This chilling ordeal underscores the unseen threats that lurk within our beloved natural parks, particularly in vicinity of border lines.
Focusing on an issue largely ignored by mainstream media, the podcast amplifies the problems faced by landowners, hunters, fishermen, backpackers, and hikers along borderlines. Explicating countless narratives of illegal crossings by individuals linked to criminal syndicates and terror networks, it throws light on the disturbing aspect of the outdoor sphere often in conflict with our peaceful perceptions.
We highlight the poignant case of Teresa Hartley as part of our ‘Missing in the wild’ segment brought to you b B.A.C Shows. It serves as a stark reminder of the unsolved cases that demand our awareness and collective efforts towards spreading the word, aiming to bring closure to their loved ones.
Featuring Sheriff Ronnie Dodson from Brewster County, the episode reveals the tribulations associated with maintaining law and order in a vast, secluded territory. It outlines an increasing trend of property damage, theft, and even human trafficking, superseding drug smuggling in border areas. The sheriff shares insights into how emerging technologies like drones and high-grade optics are being misappropriated by criminal groups, further escalating the uncertainty and risks in these regions.
As outdoor enthusiasts navigate the dark outdoors, the podcast offers important advice on how to handle an unexpected encounter with illegal migrants, defensive strategies such as bear sprays, and the significance of readiness, prayer, and self-defense.
This episode underlines the importance of being educated, prepared, and equipped to face potential life-threatening scenarios that are rarely discussed but are a grim reality, and urges listeners to stay vigilant while enjoying the allure of the West Texas outdoors.
Dark Outdoors is sponsored by Texas Fish & Game.

Thursday Mar 07, 2024

On this edition of Dark Outdoors, host Chester Moore welcomes Kylie Low, the host of the Apple Podcasts true crime chart topping podcast Dark Downeast.
In this show they discuss some baffling cases of murder and mayhem in the great outdoors. 

Thursday Feb 22, 2024

When Christopher Whiteley was found dead in Hood County, TX, officials initially said a cougar (mountain lion) was the culprit. Then officials with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and USDA got involved and said it was not. The official cause of death was changed to "undetermined". In this episode of Dark Outdoors we talk with writer Morgan O'Hanlan about the article she wrote on the topic in Texas Monthly and ponder the question, "What really killed Christopher Whiteley??

Surviving A Feral Hog Attack

Wednesday Feb 07, 2024

Wednesday Feb 07, 2024

Welcome to an enthralling episode of "Dark Outdoors" with host Chester Moore. This episode takes an exciting and serious turn as it unravels the life-threatening encounter of our guest, Ricky Morgan with a large wild boar. We also explore the disturbing upsurge of hog attacks in the South, West, and Northeast of the U.S. that have resulted from the ever-increasing intersection of human and animal habitats.
Relive Ricky's harrowing account of his encounter, a stark reminder of the potential dangers faced by outdoor enthusiasts, alongside valuable survival strategies. Learn about defensive techniques using simple tools like a walking stick, providing protection from life-endangering animal bites.
Beyond formidable wildlife encounters, the episode delves into disturbing unsolved mysteries and missing person instances from the North American wilderness. We delve into the unresolved case of Thomas Irwin, a 73-year-old man who mysteriously disappeared from Mesa Verde National Park.
As we move further into the wild, enjoy a eye-opening discussion about seemingly harmless wildlife encounters that can transform into survival situations. You'll hear of aggressive black bears, and how the horrifying experience of a man surviving a wild hog attack, elucidates the need for constant vigilance in the wild.
Not just surviving animal encounters, the podcast arms its listeners with invaluable self-defense tips. Hear how the human mind is your best weapon in the wild, with practical advice on threat observation, situation assessment, and how to avoid falling into a trap when attempting a rescue operation. Our "Missing in the Wild" segment is brought to you by B.A.C. Shows.
In light of rising human trafficking cases, the speakers expound on the necessity of exercising caution, encouraging carrying a firearm when legal. The episode concludes with an enlightening exploration of the real threat posed by feral hogs, different from what is often portrayed by the media. The discussion ends with expert recommendations on recognizing and evading hog-related dangers.
Through this gripping episode of Dark Outdoors, we aim to shine a light on the stark realities of the wild. It focuses on the importance of mental preparedness, practical training, and respect for the wilderness and its inhabitants.
Dark Outdoors is sponsored by Texas Fish & Game.

Monday Jan 29, 2024

Hunters, hikers and other outdoors lovers report hearing terrifying screams, growls and other sounds that shake them to the core.
We take a deep dive on these sounds and look at known animals, exotic vocalizations that are echoing as established invasive populations expand. And we also talks about the spooky unknown in the last segment as we welcome Ron Morehead of the "Sierra Sounds" fame to the program.
Our Missing in the Wild segment is brought to you by B.A.C. Shows. Learn more at bacshows.com
Dark Outdoors is sponsored by Texas Fish & Game.

Monday Oct 30, 2023

In this special fun Halloween edition of the program Chester interviews Lyle Blackburn, author of The Beast of Boggy Creek, Momo: The Strange Case of the Missouri Monster and many other titles about the Fouke Monster and other alleged aggressive cryptids. He also vists with Pamula Pierce Barcelous, daughter of The Legend of Boggy Creek director Charles Pierce about the newly restored 4K release and behind the scenes tidbits about the iconic film.

Friday Jul 07, 2023

In this chilling episode, host Chester Moore investigates the rising problem of feral dog attacks in the wild. We hear from Jerry Mills of Wolf Tejas who had to shoot his way from a pack of feral dogs, learn about a brutal attack in Georgia, a recent fatality in Texas and hear about Chester's own narrow escape from a feral pit bull.
Dogs are man's best friend but feral dogs can be our worst nightmare.
Don't this episode!
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Tuesday Jun 27, 2023

Join Chester Moore as he speaks with investigative journalist and Park Predators podcaster Delia D'Ambra.
They talk about the prevalence of missing people in national parks, forests and other public lands and some of the mysterious reasons for these tragedies.
Connect with all of Delia's work here.
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Monday Jun 12, 2023

In this episode, we probe the dark mysteries of the Sam Houston National Forest.
We talk with the founder of the Missing TX 40 Project in an archival interview and give compelling information about a serial killer that has been in the area for decades that is serving time for copping a plea to being involved with a murder victim found in a barrel on his property.
Oh, yeah that property is across the street from the Sam Houston National Forest and this man killed and savagely raped women in the late 70s when he was a teen.
Plus, we talk other dangerous situations in the forest and end with an encounter with covert operatives.
Dark Outdoors is sponsored by Texas Fish & Game and Texas Frightmare Wekeend.

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